The Bored Room

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New episode every 2 weeks (Sundays)


Episode 1:  "The Underwear"

If you're going to wear a pair of pants twice, make sure you check that no unexpected
undies are attached.  Oh... and check them BEFORE attending the "bored" meeting

Episode 2:  "The Shower"

Loni forgets it's her turn to buy a group gift.  Find out what she throws together at the last
minute to save the day.

Episode 3:  "Educated Housewife"

Olivia is overlooked at work and nearly has a breakdown.  But not to worry as Loni is more than willing to console her.

Episode 4:  "False Witness"

Should we really say just about anything to get out of going to work any earlier than we want to?

Episode 5: "Silent Ones"

Should Loni admit that it's her, or keep it silent?

Episode 6: "The Sneeze"

Patrick is not pleased with the way Ethan handles his cold...and things quickly get worse for the guy who is not fond of even the tiniest of germs.

Episode 8: "Roundtable"

Temporarily removed from site
Loni is not the only one easily distracted when it comes time to share work concerns with the team.

Episode 9: "Is My Name Loni?"

Temporarily removed from site
What happens when co-workers answer a question that is not addressed to them?  In Loni's case, she unintentionally shines once again.

Episode 10:  "The Walnut"

Walnuts.. noisy, healthy...and dangerous if placed in the wrong hands.
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