The Bored Room

Meet The Cast

Maunda, raised in Houston, TX by way of Detroit, MI, received her BFA
in theater from the University of Oklahoma. Following college, she worked
for the Karamu House Theater in Cleveland, OH and then toured the country
with a Gospel musical titled Fake Friends with some of the gospel greats.
She then moved to Los Angeles, where she added comedian to her list of talents.


Charles Marina was born in Beirut. A natural born entertainer.
He used to amuse his classmates by imitating his teachers behind their backs.
He was drawn to acting at an early age because it allowed him to
be anyone he wanted to be.


With his family's support he entered the Lebanese University
Institute of fine arts. During his school years, he participated
in several commercials for big brand names such as McDon
KitKat, Pizza Hut and a few comedy TV series.


After graduating from the college of Acting and Filmmaking,
Charles was offered his own sketch comedy show on LBCI, the
largest TV network in the Middle East broadcasted from Lebanon.
The show was considered the Arabic version of Saturday Night Live,
where he played more than 150 different roles.


In 2006, Charles arrived in the U.S. to fulfill his childhood dream
of becoming an actor in Hollywood. In order to enhance his education
in acting and film-making he enrolled in New York Film Academy,
and later at the Beverly Hills Playhouse and The Groundlings.


Since then, Charles has participated in several major national and
international commercials like Ford, Heineken and MTV.

Charles performs stand up comedy and improv all over Los Angeles.
People call him The Lebanese Martin Short.

He recently booked a supporting role in the feature film, "A Reason"


Andrew Hansen was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, but
cannot return home due to outstanding gambling debts. A wandering
pariah, he landed in Los Angeles, California, where he began studying
acting as a means to improve his grifting; however, he genuinely
enjoyed the craft of acting, and decided to abandon his rambling-
gambling ways. He now pursues work as an actor. Andrew also studies
and performs long-form improvisation, which he finds vastly
fulfilling. In the future he hopes to get a dog.


Peter McGlynn is a first generation American born in“The Garden State”
to immigrant musicians. His childhood home was filled with music,
singing and dancing which paved his way to the musical theatre stage.
His family home also sensitized him to many cultural and language
differences that generated an insatiable curiosity in what makes
people tick, and continues to inform his acting career. A recent film
critic suggested Peter is developinga“franchise”playing‘
the wolf in sheeps clothing’,,,
you can decide foryourself if you watch for him in the soon to
be released “Yellow Rain”, “Flower”and “Distant Closeness”.
Hopefully, you see his more vulnerable side as Brett in “The Bored Room”.

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