The Bored Room

Angela Akins is a writer/director from Pasadena California and a graduate of Cal State University, Fullerton with a BA in writing and directing. 

With a passion for theatre, Angela first began writing and producing plays in her hometown of Pomona California.  She also stage-managed for live theatre and continued to study her craft by writing comedy spec scripts for television.

After acceptance into the Guy A. Hanks and Marvin Miller Screenwriting program (also known as the Cosby Program) she was honored to be chosen as a finalist for the Nickelodeon Writing program.

Her short  script “The Vote” was selected as a finalist to compete in the “Dances With Films 2 minute 2-step” competition.  During this competition the finalist were given 4 hrs. to setup, shoot and edit their 3-page piece.  Angela was ecstatic to have been given the challenge, in which she and her crew were able to accomplish.

With “The Bored Room”, Angela is looking to share the stories in which she believes anyone who has ever been to a group meeting will be able to relate to, and find the humor in the stories told among the colorful cast of characters.


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